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Service needs and board objectives for apartment buildings and residential communities are ever-changing. At Skybridge, we offer high-speed WiFi and Internet, from broadband to gigabit fiber, with dynamic solutions that satisfy your residents and board members, alike.

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For property managers and owners, keeping residents happy is of utmost priority while sustaining apartment building or community profitability. As the number of devices connected to WiFi increase, deciding how much bandwidth your property currently requires and what WiFi system is best for your property’s future needs, can be overwhelming. In-residence WiFi isn’t where our specialty ends. Skybridge also offers WiFi build-out for lobbies, recreational areas, spas, gyms, outdoor areas, and more. At Skybridge, we provide in-depth expert consultations that include custom solutions with cost-effective WiFi & Internet plans options, quickly-upgradable bandwidth scalability, and flexible deployment financing options.

Improve Tenant Occupany Rates
Earn WiFi Revenue
Lower Resident Turnover
Increase Community Profitability
Technology-Proof Your Community

Offer Your Apartment Building or Residential Community WiFi & Earn Revenue

For Home Owner Associations and property management, keeping your residents' homes and community connected via WiFi can be challenging. At Skybridge, we know that residential communities and multi-unit dwellings face unique challenges, especially as technology usage increases. Combine that with needing added-value services such as gate security cameras, gate Internet, community center WiFi, Gym WiFi, Outdoor connectivity, and some Internet service providers come up short. We offer expert analysis and flexible revenue solutions for all of your community's needs.

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Future-Proof Your Community & Subdivisions
Increase Marketing Attractiveness
Deliver Innovative & Scalable Technology
Keep Residents Happy
Connect Common Areas
  Increase Property Values

Apartment Building & Community WiFi Made Possible by Innovative Technology

Skybridge’s wireless broadband service ushers in a new era in price-disruptive technology, delivering amazing gigabit+ performance, low latency and long range, making it ideal for multi-dwelling residencies, condominiums, apartment complexes, office buildings, commercial properties, gated communities, and hotels.

Up to 1000Mbps upload / download speeds
Featuring Gigabit 802.11AC Wifi Equipment
Weather Resistant 2.4 and 5GHz Spectral Operation
99.999% Community WiFi Coverage
Guaranteed speed and performance
Packet prioritization with Intelligent QoS