Miami & Ft. Lauderdale’s Best Internet Service Provider

High-Speed Internet Provider Introducing Lightning-Fast Broadband & Fiber Optic Services

With a capacity of 2,000+ Mbps traveling at 670,616,629 MPH its safe to say Skybridge is now the fastest Internet service and broadband provider on land!

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Competitive T1 & T3 Internet Speeds in Your Area

T1 & T3 Dedicated Internet

Your T1 & T3 Internet connection is not shared with others so unlike cable modems, you are never competing for bandwidth when you need it. With our dedicated Internet Access, you can confidently and securely share data over the Internet at the same speed for uploads and downloads, meaning increased productivity.

 24/7 Customer Support
99.999% Uptime Guaranteed
Packet prioritization with Intelligent QoS
Ultra-Low latency, resulting in increased Performance
7 day Pro-Installation

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Metro-E Services & Dedicated Internet Access

Metro Ethernet & DIA Circuits For Business

Skybridge Metro Ethernet services combine the reliability and ubiquity of Carrier Ethernet with next-generation metro area transport technology. The result is services that deliver an efficient, fully restorable, easily managed network that’s ready for any vertical or application requirement. Additionally, the natural flexibility of Carrier Ethernet allows you to decide the amount of bandwidth you need to support your applications within your budget now with the assurance that it can scale in the future.

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Ethernet Dedicated Internet

Reliable, high-performance Internet service for organizations that run bandwidth-intensive, high-volume applications.

Ethernet Network Services

Multipoint to multipoint service allows users to transmit network traffic across all their locations with maximum redundancy and minimum latency.

Ethernet Private Line

Improve your business’s efficiency with dedicated point-to-point connection between two sites.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Improve application performance across your network with a private, point-to-multipoint network design between multiple locations.

Internet for Condos and Apartment Buildings

MDU Bulk TV & Internet

SkyCONNECT is our best value Bulk Television and Bulk Internet Service ranging from 10 Mbps to over 1000 Mbps. Most electronic devices now require WiFi to function. From home computers to smartphones, wireless printers, security systems, and TVs, your residents require more bandwidth to ensure that all their devices are supported and running at maximum capacity.

 Over 325+ Premium Channels
 Ultra High Resolution 4K video
Amazon Alexa integrated Voice Remote
NFL Sunday Ticket
Internet Speeds exceeding 1000 Mbps!
Includes HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and Cinemax®

IP & CCTV Video Surveillance Systems

High Security Video Surveillance

Quickly deploy, monitor and manage your IP and CCTV cameras with a powerful easy-to-use interface. SkyCAM remote video surveillance was designed to be intuitive yet packed with advanced features such as detailed statistical reporting, advanced analytics, and customizable event recordings.

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VoIP & IP PBX Systems for Business

Hosted Cloud PBX & VoIP Service

With its full range of Android apps, our Hosted VoIP PBX service provides a seamless user experience enhancing work productivity. Skybridge’s IP PBX service is power-packed, yet simple, with the features you need at the price you want. SkyPBX offers you the features of a top-of-the-line business phone system with minimal up-front cost and no long-term financial contract.

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Android Powered

With a full range of Android apps, Cloud PBX VoIP Phones provide a seamless user experience enhancing productivity.

HD Voice Quality

With a high-speed broadband connection, your SkyBridge Cloud PBX® calls will sound crystal clear.

Unlimited Calling

One price for unlimited inbound and outbound calling in the continental U.S. No strings attached.

Voicemail Emailed

Save 300 hours per year by reading or listening to voice messages in your email inbox, versus dialing in.