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Far Superior Dedicated Internet Access

Skybridge Dedicated Internet Service delivers a complete business-class solution to keep you and your operations connected, with flexible access options to help enhance your business investment.

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Reliable Dedicated Internet in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Skybridge delivers more dedicated business-class bandwidth than traditional carrier services and at a much lower cost. If your business has intensive bandwidth needs such as remote workers, large file uploads or applications that rely on dependable Internet service, our Skybridge Dedicated internet is for you.

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Dedicated Internet Access Backed by SLA Guarantees

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Services are backed by specific service level guarantees and monitored by SkyVIEW® a technology that constantly monitors environmental, collects energy, optimizes channel selection and wireless performance.

 24/7 Customer Support
 Guaranteed 99.999% network availability
Less than 99ms round trip delay on Backbone
Less than 99ms round trip delay on last mile
 Less than 3% Packet Loss on Backbone
Performance Guarantees

Industry Leading SLA

Innovative Dedicated Internet Technology

Skybridge’s dedicated internet service ushers in a new era in price-disruptive technology, delivering amazing gigabit+ performance, low latency and long range, making it ideal for business, enterprise and public safety applications.

1400+ Mbps real TCP/IP throughput
50+KM Broadband Range
Weather Resistant 5 and 24GHz Spectral Operation
99.999% Up-time Guaranteed
Ultra-Low 1ms latency, resulting in increased Performance
Packet prioritization with Intelligent QoS