Miami & Ft. Lauderdale’s Best Backup Internet & Failover Connections

Backup Internet Connections That Eliminate Downtime

Network downtime can result in million-dollar losses in business revenue and employee productivity. Considering how critical the Internet is to your organization’s functionality, Skybridge offers 100% guaranteed & fully customizable Backup Internet & Failover Connection strategies for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

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Customized Backup Internet & Failover Connection Solutions

Your business can’t afford downtime. Skybridge Backup Internet Connections allow you to customize redundancies in your infrastructure with cloud computing technology. In the event of a disaster at one or multiple locations, your traffic is immediately rerouted to an unaffected location, making it transparent to your business users.

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Internet Failover Reliability Backed by SLA Guarantees

Our network is purpose-built to deliver the fastest Internet speeds possible, up to 100 Gbps, backed by robust service level agreement. Our dedicated Backup Internet and Failover Connections are monitored with SKYview® a technology running on a dedicated silicon that constantly monitors environmental noise, collects energy data points in real-time spectral views, helps optimize channel selection, network design, and wireless performance. This is just one piece of our dynamic connectivity solution that further positions us to offer solid SLAs backed by industry-leading guarantees and credit entitlements.

 24/7 Customer Support
 Guaranteed 99.999% network availability
Less than 99ms round trip delay on last mile
 Less than 3% Packet Loss on Backbone

Industry Leading SLA

Dynamic Internet Failover Solutions

Maximize the benefits of cloud computing and close the inevitable connectivity gap with Skybridge’s personalized 4G LTE, Cable, DSL, and broadband Internet failover circuits. Our Internet Failover solutions automatically detect access issues with Cable, DSL or Tl wired line connections and provide immediate redundant Internet connectivity to avoid service interruptions.

Supports LTE Advanced
Increase availability with seamless 4G failover
Integrate MPLS network for hybrid WAN solutions
Multi-carrier 4G LTE support with dual SIM capability
Robust, real-time analytics to manage QoE performance
Protect assets with IPS/IDS, stateful firewall
Purpose-built for PCI Compliance
Convert any WAN connection to WiFi
Support IP multimedia communications