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First-Rate Metro Ethernet & Metro-E Services

Our dedicated Metro Ethernet & Metro-E Services deliver a best in class performance. Get 100% service availability and 99.99% data delivery for your business.

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Enterprise-Grade Metro Ethernet in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Skybridge’s Metro Ethernet and Metro-Services help small businesses to enterprise organizations thrive in today’s  high-demand bandwidth environment. With dedicated Internet solutions, you can securely share data over the Internet at the same speed for uploads and downloads, meaning increased productivity.

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Metro-E Services Backed by SLA Guarantees

Our network is purpose-built to deliver the fastest Internet speeds possible, up to 100 Gbps, backed by robust service level agreement. Our dedicated Metro-E & Metro Ethernet Services are monitored with SKYview® a technology running on a dedicated silicon that constantly monitors environmental noise, collects energy data points in real-time spectral views, helps optimize channel selection, network design, and wireless performance. This is just one piece of our dynamic connectivity solution that further positions us to offer solid SLAs backed by industry-leading guarantees and credit entitlements.

 24/7 Customer Support
 Guaranteed 99.99% network availability
Less than 99ms round trip delay on Backbone
Less than 99ms round trip delay on last mile
 Less than 2% Packet Loss on Backbone

Industry Leading SLA

Metro Ethernet Made Possible by Advanced Technology

Skybridge’s metro ethernet service ushers in a new era in price-disruptive technology, delivering a high performance, low latency service ideal for enterprise and public safety applications.

Metro Ethernet provides highly reliable network connectivity across dedicated Layer 1 and switch-based Layer 2 services. The interface and speed options range from 10M FastE up to 10GigE both active and passive solutions.

10M FastE up to 10GigE Bandwith Availability
Point-to-Point, Point-to-MultiPoint Availability
5-7 Day Professional Installation
Active and Passive options availble.
Ultra-Low 1ms latency, resulting in increased Performance