Miami & Ft. Lauderdale’s Best Data Center Colocation Space

We’ve Mastered Colocation in Fort Lauderdale So You Don’t Have To

Skybridge colocation services help you safeguard mission-critical data with the highest levels of security and operational reliability. Skybridge data centers provide access to vital ecosystems where major networks, enterprises, and business partners connect to each other with more than 1,600+ available networks.

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Protect Your Investment From Fort Lauderdale’s Heat With Our Data Center Cooling Strategies

At Skybridge, we take our data center duties very seriously. Our Fort Lauderdale colocation includes a robust HVAC system to provide stable airflow, temperature, and humidity, with minimum N+1 redundancy for all major equipment. Our facility is equipped with N+2 redundancy for chillers and thermal energy storage, providing enhanced temperature stability. A cooling system at our data center may include*:

13,652 BTUH per Cabinet
Six (6) 750-Ton Centrifugal Chillers
Six (6) Variable Primary Chilled Water Pumps
Six (6) Condenser Pumps
Six (6) cooling towers
24 Air Handling Units in Colocation Area
Cold aisle containment
Variable frequency drives

* Cooling system specifications above are representative and elements vary.

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Take Advantage of A Controlled Colocation Environment in Fort Lauderdale

Today’s IT infrastructure requires more out of its resources, expansion strategies, delivery methods and disaster recovery methodologies. We take big steps to ensure our Fort Lauderdale colocation environment is stabilized and disaster-recovery-ready.

Flood Control

Our Fort Lauderdale data center is built above sea level with no basements. It contains moisture barriers on exterior walls, dedicated pump rooms, drainage/evacuation systems, and moisture detection sensors.

Fire Detection & Suppression

Our key colocation features include a multi-zoned, dry-pipe, double-interlock, pre-action fire suppression system2, and Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm (VESDA).

Earthquake Ready

Structural systems at our Fort Lauderdale data center meet or exceed local building codes for lateral seismic design forces. Equipment and all nonstructural components are anchored and braced.

5-Point Military-Grade Colocation Security in Fort Lauderdale

Skybridge's Fort Lauderdale colocation utilizes an array of security equipment, techniques, and procedures to control, monitor, and record access to the facility, including customer cage areas.
The physical security of our data center is one of our highest priorities. We utilize an array of security equipment, techniques, and procedures to control, monitor and record access to the facility, including customer cage areas.

Bio-metric Hand-Geometry Readers
Military Grade Entry and Access Procedures
24 X 7  On-Site Security Guards
24 X 7 On-Site Video Surveillance
Windowless Exteriors
Bio-metric and Key Locks on Cabinets & Cages

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Demanding Equipment Gets Power Redundancy in Fort Lauderdale Data Center

Just because Fort Lauderdale gets hot, doesn’t mean this data center can’t be cool. Skybridge colocation comes standard with a minimum N+1 redundancy for every power system, to maximize uptime availability. Our infrastructure includes uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to prevent power spikes, surges and brownouts, and redundant backup diesel generators provide additional runtime. Using proprietary automated telemetric systems, our colocation engineering team can monitor all power system components on-site or remotely, to respond quickly to any situation.

AC/DC Power in Various Configurations of Amperage and Voltage Available
N+1 Redundancy in Power Distribution and UPS Systems
48 hours of ON-SITE Generator Fuel
Priority Refuel Contracts with Multiple Providers
Industry-Leading Availability

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Standards and Compliance in Our Fort Lauderdale Data Center

At Skybridge, we take your business-critical data and equipment very seriously. Your equipment is maintained in a safe, secure, and resilient environment in vigilant compliance with industry standard guidelines.




ISO 27001