Leading Municipal Wi-Fi Planning, Build-Out, Deployment & Management

Future-Proof Your City’s Prosperity With Municipal WiFi

Our cities are growing at staggering rates. Our most populated cities’ physical layouts and manual processes are becoming overwhelmed as the projected increase in city dwellers become a reality. At Skybridge, we know that more than ever municipalities need to keep their cities efficient, attractive, prosperous, and connected. We offer experienced planning, deployment, management, and funding consultation for city-wide municipal wireless Internet and WiFi solutions.

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Attract Residents & Tourists With Municipal WiFi

Keeping residents and tourists happy is of utmost priority while maintaining operations and investing in innovation. City-wide WiFi connectivity attracts tech startups, entrepreneurs, capital infusion, and bridges the digital gap. As the dependence on wireless Internet and WiFi increase exponentially, deciding how much bandwidth your municipality requires and what WiFi ecosystem is best for your city’s future needs, is no small feat. Skybridge offers a turn-key municipal WiFi planning, build-out, deployment, management, and funding consulting solutions for upgrading your city’s connectivity.

Create Tech-Friendly Environment
Increase Property Values
Boost Economic Growth
Make Connectivity Easy for Tourists
Promote City Through Tourists’ Social Sharing
Bridge Digital Divide

Monetize Your Municipal WiFi & Produce Additional Revenue for Your City

The costs associated with a municipal WiFi solution are significant. However, there are numerous ways to recover costs and quickly turn your city's investment into a source of revenue.

Advertising Revenue

Capitalize on an advertising model for high traffic areas.

Wholesale Offload

Provide secure roaming and offloading for mobile operators.

Resell Bandwidth

Offer pay-per-use options for high-speed bandwidth access.

Keep First Responders Connected With Municipal WiFi

Municipal and city-wide WiFi enables first responders and collaborating agencies to act quickly with real-time information and make more informed decisions. Connecting our police officers, state troopers, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, sheriffs deputies, and tow operators enables them to keep our communities and themselves, safer. Traffic cameras can alert first responders to gunshots or traffic accidents. Emergency personnel is then able to more precisely direct first responders and improve interagency communication. At Skybridge, we know that each municipality and city face unique challenges, especially as WiFi usage increases. Combine that with increased security and data prioritization needs and some Internet service providers come up short. We offer expert analysis and flexible revenue solutions for all of your community's WiFi needs.

Increase Situational Awarness for Police Officers
Provide Real-Time Incident Notifications
Control Emergency Response Routes
Utilize Security Camera for Multiple Departments
Improve Information Transparency for Parrallel Agencies

Keep Your City Safe With CCTV Cloud Security Cameras

Cloud CCTV cameras connected to a municipal WiFi network play a key role in public safety and security, allowing local authorities to build infrastructures on secure platforms that easily integrate with already existing systems and applications. Cloud CCTVsurvellience provides real-time data on a number of city services such as police and emergency services, electricity, water, lighting, and traffic management, property theft, and public safety. At Skybridge, we offer professional installation, integration, and network design for our high-quality CCTV surveillance cameras.

1080p Full HD, 30 FPS
EFL 3.6 mm, ƒ/1.8
802.3af PoE or 24V Passive PoE
Built-in Microphone
High-Power IR Range Extender Accessory (Sold Separately)
Wall, Ceiling, or Pole Mount

Cloud CCTV SurvellienceCloud CCTV Survellience
Reduce Operational Expenses With Municipal WiFi Analytics

Stay ahead of increasing operational costs as your city grows. Intelligent sensors within your municipal WiFi infrastructure can help your city make informed decisions, significantly increasing efficiency.

Energy Costs

Switch to sensor-enabled LEDs and reduce energy consumption in real time.

Smart Parking

Decrease traffic congestion with intelligent parking availability.

Garbage Collection

Reduce garbage collection costs with connected garbage bins.