Miami & Ft. Lauderdale’s Best Internet Service Provider

High-Speed Internet Provider Introducing Lightning-Fast Broadband & Fiber Optic Services

With a capacity of 2,000+ Mbps traveling at 670,616,629 MPH its safe to say Skybridge is now the fastest Internet service and broadband provider on land!

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Highest Business Internet Speeds in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Dedicated Business Internet Access

Your Business Internet connection is not shared with others so unlike cabled internet access, you are never competing for bandwidth when you need it. With our dedicated Internet Access, you can confidently and securely share data over the Internet at the same speed for uploads and downloads, meaning increased productivity.

24X7 Customer Support
99.999% Up-time Guaranteed
Advanced Packet prioritization
Intelligent QoS
Ultra-Low >10ms latency
7 day Pro-Installation

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Miami & Fort Lauderdale Commercial Access Control 

Business Access Control

Skybridge’s access control security solutions do more than lock and unlock doors. We provide you the systems to help you implement seamless control of all entry points throughout your organization. Ranging from stand-alone access control systems to hosted or managed systems, our security solutions address your concerns in the present so you can continue to plan for the future.

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Smart RFID Cards Unlock the door using best-in-class security, or use your existing devices.
Powerful web based access control, reporting and logs with no subscription fees.
Interactive touchscreen reader Unlock the door using best-in-class smart card security.
VoIP & IP PBX Systems for Business

Business PBX VoIP Service

With its full range of Android apps, our Hosted VoIP PBX service provides a seamless user experience enhancing work productivity. Skybridge’s IP PBX service is power-packed, yet simple, with the features you need at the price you want. SkyPBX offers you the features of a top-of-the-line business phone system with minimal up-front cost and no long-term financial contract.

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IP & CCTV Video Surveillance Systems
High Security Video Surveillance

Quickly deploy, monitor and manage your IP and CCTV cameras with a powerful easy-to-use interface. Our remote video surveillance ecosystem was designed to be intuitive yet packed with advanced features such as detailed statistical reporting, advanced analytics, and customization event recordings.

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I highly recommend this company! Skybridge offers a faster service and a great customer experience. From the initial sales call all the way to the installers a truly a top notch outfit!

Rebecca E.

I cant say enough about this company. The installation was fast, their customer service on point, and internet even faster. We left comcast and we're not looking back

Andrea K.

Fantastic service provider, super fast speeds and exceptional customer service. I highly highly recommend SkyBRIDGE

Pily Santin

All I can say is Skybridge ROCKS! They Installed in 2 days, speeds are consistently over 100 Mbps. We highly recommend this company, leave your current provider ASAP!

Frenzy S.

The fastest internet provider in Miami! Don't waste your time with Comcast or AT&T...Skybridge provides a 30 Day Guarantee and NO CONTRACTS.